machining & FABRICATION


Custom Milling & Lathe Work

Our shop is equipped with multiple lathes and mills for a wide range of capabilty as well as generous amounts of tooling (new and old) to complete even the most difficult projects.



We offer welding services to repair or make alterations to semi trailers. feed or grain trailers and most other projects in need of welding services. Our capabilities include MIG, TIG, GMAW, SMAW, OAW, FCAW.


other fabricating capabilities

We also offer custom built truck equipment, feed boxes, litter spreaders, sileage, septic tank truck repairs, fertilizer truck setup.


truck & trailer


Full service truck, trailer and equipment repair, including clutches & transmissions, head gasket replacement, injectors and sleeves, in-frame overhaul, engine replacement, overhead adjustments, brackes and seals, rear ends and driveline, electrical, air conditioning and we also do DOT inspections.


sales & service

We offer sales and service of new and used Maurer  Trailers, hoppers and step decks. We are also an authorized service , parts and warranty dealer of Walinga and Warren Feed Trailers.


feed trailers

We repair and maintain all types of feed trailers, in addition to doing inspections and hydraulic testing. We offer major and minor body and frame repair, and we work on brakes, suspension, hydraulic hoses and couplers. We also offer warranty repairs on Warren and Walinga trailers. For more info, see our trailers page.


testing trailers

We offer full service testing on all trailers. It tends to be a little more involved than one would think. First we start by testing the truck, then we check flow, pressure and balance of both between all augers. Trailer will only unload as fast as the slowest auger. Very few units pass without needing adjustment or valve replacement.



engine rebuild


crack detection

Magnufluxing, Pressure Testing and Dye Penetrant



Blocks, Heads, Exhaust Manifolds, we use a Berco surfacer that is one of the largest machines available (16"x60") we can now offer faster turn around on our resurfacing services.        


connecting rod resizing

Connecting rods are bored and honed to size for journal end, while pin bushings are replaced and bored to size with every connecting rod at the exact same length at any specification.


cylinder boring, honing & sleeving

Cylinders can be repaired by boring and honing, even cracked cylinders with the use of a sleeve. Cylinders are plateau honed with torque plates for optimal ring seal. We have 12 torque plates covering a wide range of applications including Catapillar and even Subaru.


cylinder head work

We also do stock and performace valve jobs performed with Rottler Tooling and Equipment, performance head work (screw in studs, 5 angle valve jobs, flow bench testing & porting) valve seat & guide replacement and repair. We offer a large array of injector sleeve tooling covering CAT, Cummins and Detroit Diesel, International and John Deere.


flywheel grinding

No need to stop back to pick it up, we offer flywheel grinding while you wait!


assembly & disassembly

We offer assembly and disassembly of stock and performance engines, blueprinting, cam bearing replacement from Mini Cooper to Cummins to Waukesha! We rebuild them all!



Have an Onan engine in your John Deere Lawn Tractor or generator with a loose valve seat? No need to take the engine apart, we have repaired many engines together with extremely high success rates.


counterbore machining

Blow a head gasket? A warped head may not be your only problem. Before installing the head or during an overhaul, be sure to check those counter bores and your liner protrusion with a sled gauge. We sell gauge kits if needed. If the counter bores are out of specification, it's time to machine for shims to true everything back up and leave it better than new.

Have a Detroit Diesel 60 Series with a cracked upper counter bore? Or how about a Cummins? We can machine those as well and install repair inserts which are the most effective repair.

If your inline engine has a scored or cracked sleeve/cylinder we can repair it in chassis. Although not the most ideal situation, we can do it!

Click here for more information on counterboring!




We offer diagnostic services for semis, heavy duty equipment and tractors. We are equipped with the newest diagnostic software. We perform diagnostics and performance upgrades on the following: Cummins , Caterpillar, Detroit, International, Volvo, Mack, Mercedes, Paccar, General Automotive-Snap On and AEM EFI programming.



We provide the professional trucking and ag industry with full maintenance services (lube, oil, filter) that keep the driver and equipment on the move! Grease job front end hanging on jack & brakes released, Check all u-joints with brakes released, Oil change, Change oil filters, Change fuel filters, Drain air tanks, Check & Clean transmission & differential breather vents, Check brake fluid level, Check for leaking wheel seals, Check tire pressure, Check coolant level, Change coolant filter w/4 unit, Check all belts, Check all lights, Check power steering fluid, Check for broken springs, Check air restriction gauge, Lube all doors hinges and locks, Torque all U bolts, Clean all windows & mirrors, Inspect windshield washer fluid level,Check brakes, Inspect PTO, Pump & hoses and Check D.O.T. inspection date.



We offer sales, repair and balancing of all heavy duty truck and trailer tires. Combine, tractor and heavy equipment tires are available on request. We offer brands such as Aelous, BF Goodrich, Goodyear and Kelly. Check out our tires page for more info.



Hennes Machine offers Bee Line Total Vehicle Wheel Alignment to extend tire life, maximize fuel efficiency and improve vehicle handling.